July 2021

What’s New


OneStop Reporting now available in Finnish

We have translated the user interface of the portal to Finnish. In a short while, there will also be help available in Finnish.


Dashboards now available in Swedish

Dashboards are now available in Swedish for Visma.net and Visma Business customers.



Report Designer: Fixed issue for budgets when applying Sum OSRRef when there are two expansions

We have fixed an issue where users attempting to sum all IF cells using SUM(OSRRef) where there were two expansions would get incorrect sums or blank sum cells.


Report Designer: Fixed issue for reports with “Static mode” containing sheet referencing

Report Designer has an option for removing formulas in complex reports to improve performance when running the report. However, some users have reported that Static mode reports that contained sheet referencing would fail. We have now fixed this issue. NOTE: To read more about Static mode/Keep formula, see Static mode for reports: Remove or keep formulas in run report.


Fixed wrong date picker format

Due to an update, the date format picker changed to US format (MM/DD/YYYY and week starting on Sunday instead of Monday) for all users. We have now changed to the DD/MM/YYYY and week starting on Monday format for Norwegian users.


Integration-specific fixes


Visma Net

  • Branch added as a parameter in Dashboards for Dutch users.


Visma Business

  • Added the StockBalance factset to Group Reporting.
  • Added the VoucherType dimension to Group Reporting.
  • Implemented handling of incorrect date format for DueDate, InvoiceDate and PayedDate. This will help avoid conversion errors when running reports with DueDate, InvoiceDate, and PayedDate


Visma PM

  • Added two new factsets: Project Forecasts and Team Productivity
  • Added the Work Contracts dimension
  • Fixed several Price fields that did not give any values. This bug occurred due to a change in the API.