June 2017

This is our third release which brings along multiple bug fixes and the new feature Budgeting. Our focus with this release is to improve your OSR SKY experience and provide you with new functionality.


Disabled buttons in the portal are now hidden from the tool bar.

When a report is shared to Archive, the receiver gets a notification on the screen when the report is stored in their Archive.


Sometimes report packages would not open correctly. This is now fixed.

Live Reporting

Administrators do now show in the Share Category dialogue regardless of access filter in the Administration module.


We have released our Budgeting module for Tripletex. Budget consists of three parts:

  • Data Manager for editing dimension data directly in the browser.
  • Budgeting for creating budget forms.
  • Assignments for storing and saving budget data.

See documentation for further use.


When selecting a role from Roles, the Edit and Delete button was still disabled. This is now fixed.

Report Designer

Period functions in Report Designer is now improved. The Drop Down list in the Filter tab makes it easy to administer your functions:

The new Period Aggregation tab allows you to aggregate periods:


Drilldown in a reports that are defined with “sheet per value” in Report Designer did not work. This is now fixed.