June 2018

Publisher: Check for definition version when adding reports to a publisher job

Due to the possibility to automatically publish reports via the new Publisher, some users might experience problems with adding old reports to a publishing job. Although, these would run fine in Live Reporting, they cannot be run in a publisher job, because this requires reports to be compatible with OneStop Reporting 5.0.1.


Due to this,  in Publisher, we have now added a validation of the engine version of a report definition when adding templates to a publisher job. Users will get a warning icon if they try to add a wrong version of a report to a publisher job.

To remedy this, they will have to open the report in Report Designer, save, and re-publish the report in Live Reporting.





Updated Mobile for Android and iOS

We have updated the OneStop Reporting mobile app to work with the new OneStop Reporting portal release. The new app is available both in Google Play Store for Android and in App Store for iOS.


Changes in Get Data: Create new data import job

We have made some changes in Get Data. In the past, when a customer created a new data import job, all companies in the tenant were selected by default. This caused a risk that customers would import more than they intended to. Therefore, now when a data import job is created, the user must choose what companies to include. The default selection is none.


Tenanthosts can now delete own tenants (clients)

In the past, customers could not delete tenants (clients) and this had to be done by OneStop Reporting. We have now made it possible for users with admin rights to do this.

  1. Go to Settings > Administration.
  2. Click the tenant you want to delete and click Delete tenant in the upper right corner.
  3. In the Delete tenant dialog box, enter the name of the tenant.
  4. Click Delete.


Full screen mode in budgeting

We have fixed an issue where some customers experienced getting a white screen when using Full Screen mode in the Budgeting module.


Running reports: Improvements in performance

There has been made many improvements and bugfixes to the third-party component SpreadsheetGear that will have an effect on running reports in OneStop Reporting. Some issues have in the past caused slowness when running certain types of reports. Many of these issues have been solved with this new release. For example, users will notice greatly improved performance for reports that use multiple osrRef functions on multiple group levels. In addition, conditional formatting has greatly improved.


Integration specific improvements



Add period link in Timesheet Transactions and added new dimension values for budgeting.



We have fixed an issue where some customers have experienced problems when joining Currency_Entries with Currency_Entries in reports.



We have fixed an issue where some customer experienced slowness when pulling data via GetData import jobs as well as not importing complete data.



We have fixed some issues in reports with concatenated expressions in the Product/Project/Customer dimension, where some customers experienced some slowness in the past.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

We have now made multi-company reporting possible in MS Dyn365.