June 2020

What’s new

  • New report for top (customer) level: User list
  • Budgeting: Added Save data button in full-screen mode
  • Live Reporting/Budgeting: Widened the parameter drop-down field
  • New e-learning courses
  • New pricing model for partner accounting firms in Norway
  • Integration-specific fixes

New report for top (customer) level: User list

We have released a new report for administrators on the top level. This report contains information about tenants, companies, users, and features.

To access the report;

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click Top level.
  4. Click Reports tab.
  5. Click User list.
  6. Click Download as CSV.





Budgeting: Added Save data button in full-screen mode

We have added the Save data button when users enter full-screen mode in Budgeting.



Live Reporting/Budgeting: Widened the parameter drop-down field

We have widened the parameter drop-down list field so customers with parameters with long names can see the whole text when making a selection.


New e-learning courses


Report Designer Tips&Tricks – Report Parameters: In this course, we take a look at how the report parameters work for report definitions in Report Designer. Users learn how Report Parameters is one of the components in OneStop Reporting that allows designers to create a dynamic report so that the same report template can be used for multiple reports with minimal adjustments. More specifically, users learn how to create new parameters, edit existing parameters, how they can be used to create sheet per value, and how to hide parameters and insert a default parameter value.


Best practices for creating consolidated reports (For Cloud Agent version): In this course, users will learn how to run the MCL script to prepare their system for consolidation, and how to create consolidated reports, including suggestions for elimination methods.


New pricing model for partner accounting firms in Norway

New pricing model for our partner accounting firms in Norway is now released on My Page (Min side). To view the new pricing model, click here . You need to be an admin or partner user to be able to log in and view this page.



Integration-specific fixes



  • Changed data import routine for scheduled data import jobs: In the past, we have imported data based on Transaction Date, and thus, requiring us to import a vast amount of data from the past to ensure the inclusion of all pertinent data. We have now changed this routine. Now, we will import data based on the Last Modified date from the past week. By making this change, we are limiting the amount of data retrieval, and the import jobs should execute considerably faster. Essentially, this means that your scheduled data import jobs will now retrieve data from Last Week based on the Last Modified date.
  • Added notes to Sales order and Sales-order lines: We have added notes from sales orders so users can get additional information when they create reports on sales orders.


Visma Business

  • Added link to Line Item Details in OSRBudgetFoundation. This enables users to apply OSRBudgetFoundation in the Spreading tool.
  • Added possibility to report on tax code information (avgiftskode). We have added a link to the tax code dimension in AcTr which enables users to report on tax code.
  • Added several attributes for group reporting script:
    • For the AcTr dimension:
      • TxCl
      • TxStNo
    • For the TxCd dimension:
      • VatNo
      • TxInf


Visma Administration

Added budget data to multi-company reports: Visma Administration users can now see budget data in their multi-company reports.


PowerOffice GO

Currency: We have added the OSRCurrency dimension



Added unique company codes: In the past, companies in 24SevenOffice were identified according to the user that established a connection to them. In other words, companies were associated with the user. That meant that if, for example, two users imported data from the same company, OneStop Reporting would regard these as two different companies. With this new release, we have added unique company codes and they are added to all new as well as existing companies for 24SevenOffice integrations.


Uni Economy

Uni Economy update requires re-authentication of OneStop Reporting

Due to an update made by Uni Economy, all OneStop Reporting customers with a Uni Economy connection are required to re-authenticate the connection. The changes were released on June 29th.

  1. Go to Get Data > Connections.
  2. Click the connection and click Edit.
  3. In the Connect to Uni Economy dialog, click Edit Authorization.
  4. Enter your credentials and click Next.