March 2021

What’s New




New integration: Project Management

We are happy to announce our new integration to Project Management. An integration to Project Management allows you to compare the information you have in Project Management with your Financials data and you can create the reports you need from Project Management.

However, this integration comes with a few limitations;

  • You must use Project Management together with Financials and the same company must exist in both systems.
  • You must specify in which tenant (in the OneStop Reporting portal) you want the Project Management integration if you have multiple tenants.
  • You must have activated the REST API in your Project Management application. You will receive documentation on how to set this up when ordering.


Please contact your vendor if you are interested in the Project Management integration.



Administration: Possibility to set country for companies

In preparation for upcoming releases of OneStop Reporting with Dashboards and customized Chart of Accounts, we have made it possible to specify a country for companies in Administration.

To set country for a company:

  1. In Administration, click the appropriate tenant.
  2. Click the Companies tab.
  3. In the Country column, select country from the list.


Help page for OneStop Reporting Light (Visma Business users):

We have created a help page (in Norwegian) for our OneStop Reporting Light solution for Visma Business.


Integration-specific fixes


Visma Net

  • New module: Project Accounting is now released:

  • Fixed an issue where the Warehouse endpoint failed for some customers.
  • Added Account Type and External Code 1 to the Lookup display. This change was done so customers can use these fields when setting their Chart of Accounts.
  • Import on LastModifiedDate is now implemented for CustomerPaymentLines.



  • Added result budgets for Company and Department levels. The new factset in the Tripletex integration is called Budget Transactions (budsjett-transaksjoner), and the old Budget factset is renamed to OSR Budget Transactions.


PowerOffice GO

  • Added more parent fields to the RecurringInvoiceLines factset.
  • Added more fields to the RecurringInvoiceLines factset.
  • Added the VoucherDate and DueDate attributes to OutgoingInvoiceLines.
  • Added index to speed report
  • Fixed wrong links for the Department, Project, and Product dimensions in the RecurringInvoiceLines factset.
  • Added the CurrencyRate attribute and corresponding amount measures in the OutgoingInvoice factset.


Visma Lønn

  • Expanded the period table. Users should now be able to see periods after 2020.


Business Central

  • Expanded the base model with new factsets and dimensions. Some highlights include: Payable/Receivable Transactions, Sales Invoices, and Items.


Visma Business

  • Added the PrvCntDt (Forrige telledato) attribute to the Stock Balances (lagersaldo) factset.
  • Fixed an issue where ChDt would store incorrectly in Budget Lines (Visma Business budsjett-tabell)
  • Fixed issue with multiple week/year attributes in SalesOrder.



  • Added support for period 13.
  • Added a fix for CostCenter storage.
  • Added the AllowPosting attribute to the CostCenter dimension.