March 2022

What’s New



OneStop Reporting Light users automatically upgraded to standard OneStop Reporting

From March 25, 2022, OneStop Reporting Light (OSR Light) no longer exists. All former Light customers will instead have access to the standard OneStop Reporting version. The Customers have been transferred with the number of portal users and companies they had in OSR Light and they do not have to take any actions as the upgrade takes place automatically.


Improved notification routine when a data import job fails

In the past, only the owner of the data import job would get a notification if a data import job failed. Now, users with the Can import company data permission, Full data access, or data access to all companies in the import job will get a notification when an import data job fails.


Improved parameter search

We have implemented three significant improvements to the Search functionality for parameters:

  • Users can now choose between searching in a certain column for a dimension or associated attributes in a parameter.
  • Users can now perform a search with only one character (in the past you had to enter at least three characters).
  • Users can now use these special characters for wildcard searches:
    • ‘project = items including project
    • !project = items that do not include project
    • ^project = items that starts with project
    • !^project = items that do not start with project
    • project$ = items that end with project
    • !project$ = items that do not end with project



Chart of Accounts

We have made some changes to the Chart of Accounts

  • For Visma Business and, we have split between Financial Income and Financial Expenses in expressions for Danish companies.
  • For all accounting systems, we have updated the account interval for the Udisponert Resultat expression in the Chart of Accounts for Norwegian companies.
  • For Visma Business, we have added the following new expressions* for Norwegian companies:


*NOTE: The new expressions are available when designing reports and are not linked to any of the standard report templates.


Data Manager

In Data Manager, we have made some changes for the Xledger integration:

  • Added the Project dimension.
  • Made it possible to use Cost Center as an extension dimension.


Integration-specific fixes

Integration Module Factset/Dimension Attribute/Measures Comment Multiple Multiple/Customer,Project, Project Manager Id Link from Project to Customer and Project Manager Id dimensions Finance General Ledger/ Customer, Supplier Link dimension in factset Multiple Multiple/Inventory Price Class ID, Price Class Description Added attributes Finance General Ledger Reversing Entry Added attribute Inventory Inventory Transaction Multiple Added endpoint KitAssembly to several attributes and measures in factset Inventory Inventory Transaction/Component Id, Kit Inventory Id Added dimensions Project Accounting Multiple/Project, Project Task Fixed link between dimensions which led to duplicated results in drilldown
Visma Business Customers, Suppliers Hist.Cust.Trans., Hist.Sup.Trans. Voucher Date (VoDt), Valuation Date (ValDt) Added VoDt and updated translation on VaDt
Visma Business Finance Actual Transactions Free1, Free2, Free3, Free4 Added measures
Visma Business Group Reporting OSR Actual Transaction/OSR Account Gr 10 Fixed attribute name
Visma Business Customers, Suppliers Hist.Cust.Trans., Hist.Sup.Trans. Invoice Date (InvoDt) Added attribute
Visma Business Customers Open Customer Entries Last Reminder Date (RemRnNo) Fixed data type on attribute
Visma Business Customers, Suppliers Hist.Cust.Trans., Hist.Sup.Trans. Max Date Fixed data type on attribute
Xledger Multiple Multiple/Cost Center, OSR Cost Center Added link between the dimensions
Xledger General Ledger OSR Budget Transactions/Project Fixed dimension link which led to storing errors on Project
Visma Global Finance General Ledger Transactions Entry Date Fixed naming and translation of attribute
Tripletex Multiple Multiple/Period Fixed issue which led to dimension disappearing in group reports