May 2018

New module: Publisher

The Publisher module allows you to distribute reports and report packages to users or a group of users belonging to a role in the system.

Reports can be run and distributed at a predefined time, or you can manually initiate running as required. You can add multiple reports to a publishing job, set parameters and send to e-mail recipients or send to their Archive module in the portal. The Publisher generates a log for all runs, enabling you to keep an overview of your report executions.

You can also edit your existing publishing jobs, for example, you can add or delete reports from the job or add or delete recipients.

The Scheduling feature allows you to set up scheduling for your publishing jobs to send reports at a predefined time interval.


Create new publishing job

  1. Click Publisher.
  2. Click   Create new in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in these fields:
  • Name: Enter a name for your publishing job.
  • Description (optional): Enter a description for this publishing job.
  • Company: Select a company from the list (if you have access to more than one).
  1. Click the Browse templates button.
  2. Select () the reports you want to include in the publishing job. You can select as multiple reports.
  3. Click Select.
  4. Under Parameters, select the parameters you want for the reports. The options you see here will depend on the what parameters you are required to set to run the reports.
  1. Under Recipients, select recipients from the list of Users or Roles.

NOTE: You can only send reports to users who have access to the Publisher.

  1. Click the Destination tab. Here you can choose whether the recipient(s) should receive the reports as email or be sent to their Archive module, or both. See Archive for more information about the functionality of the Archive module.
  2. Click Save or Save and Run.

NOTE: If you click Save, you must run your report later.

NOTE: You can set scheduling to your publishing jobs.

For more information, see Publisher.


User interface improvements

We have added a More (options) button when there is not enough space to display all buttons in the top menu bar.




Integration specific improvements and fixes



We have added new period functionality that makes it possible to handle deviant fiscal periods.

To set deviating periods, users must do the following:

  • The first time they open the Get Data module, there will be a wizard. In the wizard they will get an option to set the month for the first month of the accounting period, one for each company in the list.

In the next upgrade, there will be an option to set this manually from the Administration module.



We have made some fixes for deviant fiscal periods when using the period function LYTD.

In addition, we have also made some fixes for the Accounts Receivable sub module when it comes to handling currency amounts.

We have included a new fact set to the meta model that allows you to build report based on the cash basis-method (such as cash flow statement (indirect)).



We have fixed some issues relating to:

  • retrieving Bill and Invoices under HomeBalance values
  • missing balances related to overpayment in BillPayment

We have also added a new factset so users can build Account Receivables reports.



Some customers have experienced problems retrieving data for the project category for fixed rates and hourly rates. This issue has now been solved.