May 2019

Workflow: Changes and improvements


Everyone with access to a workflow can now see Workflow status

In the past, only the creator of the workflow could see the Workflow status. Now, all users who have access to the Workflow module and is a part of the workflow can see the workflow status overview.

To access the workflow status overview;

  1. In the Workflow module, click the workflow.
  2. Click the Status button.


Direct access to assignment from Workflow status

Users can now access their assignment directly from the Workflow status view.



User assignments: Better visualization in the workflow matrix

When users are editing the User assignments, we have added a highlighting color so they can better see which templates and/or users are affected by the editing.


Select templates: Changed dialog box

The dialog box for selecting templates in the workflow has been slightly changed to provide more functionality. For example, users can now see how many templates they have selected.


Select companies: Companies in the workflow are now sorted with the Let user decide option at the top

Now, when you create a new workflow, and click the Select companies button, you will get the Let user decide option at the top of the list of companies.


Assignments: Show name of assignees on assignment cards

You can now see the user name of the assignee on the assignment cards.


Budgeting: Current period function when assigning budget template

The period function, {PeriodCalc.CurrentPeriod}, is now a valid parameter value when assigning a budget.


Change language of Help pages

We have now made it possible to change the language of the Help pages by selecting from the language buttons at the top of the Help pages.

The Help pages are available in Swedish, Norwegian, English, and Danish. Please note that we are currently working on updating the help for Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to reflect the latest releases of OneStop Reporting. The English help pages will always contain the most recent updates.


OneStop Reporting now available in French

French is now available as a language in the OneStop Reporting Portal

To change the language of the portal;

  1. Click Settings > User settings.
  2. On the My profile tab, click the Language drop-down menu to select language.


Changes to Administration: Can manage connections

We have made the following change for user permissions:

Can manage connections has been moved out of Permissions. This means that if a user should be able to set up connections to retrieve data from the ERP system, this permission must be set separately.



Changes to the Sheet per value functionality

There is a change in how the Sheet per value functionality works.

Now, in order for this to work, you must have the value, for example, Region, on the Sheet filter.


To create Sheet per value;

  1. On the OneStop Reporting tab, in the View group, click the Report Parameters button.
  2. Click Edit parameter (on, for example, Region).

4. In the Report Parameter Wizard, click Next, and then Next again.

5. Under Options, select the Create sheet per value checkbox.

6. Click Finish.






Budgeting: No refresh of the budget template when storing budget numbers fails

In the past, if OneStop Reporting detected an error in the budget, such as a wrong character, and the user clicked Store, the budget would automatically refresh and, consequently, remove added budget numbers.

We have now fixed this issue, and the screen will not refresh. The user will now get the error message, but the added numbers will not disappear.


Budgeting: Lookup gives error when opened in a draft budget

Some users have experienced an error when a budget template is in Draft mode as they run the report and try to use the Lookup for the parameter. This issue has now been fixed.


Report Designer: Users are asked to download even when they already have it installed

We have fixed an error where users who already had Report Designer installed were asked to download Report Designer each time they opened a report from the portal.


Integration-specific fixes



  • We have fixed an issue where budget income numbers would display as positive, while General Ledger income numbers would display in negative numbers.
  • We have changed to negative signs for posts with document types: Incoming Credit Notes and Prepayments.



PowerOfficeGo has introduced changes to the Project endpoint making Budgeted Revenue Billable Expenses obsolete, that is, returning NULL value. In addition, they have added BudgetedTotalRevenue and BudgetedCostOfGoods. OneStop Reporting has therefore, made these new endpoints available while maintaining historical data with Budgeted Revenue Billable Expenses.



We have added Country to Customer fields.



We have added an endpoint for GetCosts. This will add Cost from 24SevenOffice’s Time service. To download the data for reports, the user must create or update their existing connector, and add the Project Costs dimension.



We have fixed an issue where users attempting to import data from last year and last month, would not get data from last month.



We have fixed an issue in Data Manager where users trying to change currency rates would get an error message.