May 2022

What’s New

User settings: Choose start page in the OneStop Reporting portal

Users can now choose the start page in the portal. The setting follows the user regardless of which customer or tenant the user accesses.

The available pages to choose from are:

  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Archive
  • Assignments
  • Workflows
  • Administration


Change start page

  1. In the top right corner, click your user name, then click My profile.
  2. From the Start Page drop-down list, select the page you prefer as your start page.



Customer info is added to the invitation to tenant e-mail

When a user is added to a tenant, they receive an invitation email. We have now included the customer name in addition to the tenant name in the invitation email.


Search for workflows

We have added a Search box in Workflows so users can search for workflow names.



Visma Business NXT integration released

We are pleased to announce that OneStop Reporting is now available for Visma Business NXT users.



Reporting: Fixed error related to showing % format in portal

Some users have experienced that when they try to run the report with the %-format in the portal, it cuts decimals and removes the percentage symbol from the text string. The issue has now been resolved.


Budgeting: Fixed error when trying to change line/field in Budget templates

Some users have experienced that when they used the mouse to change fields in a budget in the portal, they had to double click when they previously only needed to click once. This issue is now fixed.


Budgeting: Expanded the width of the Line Item Details fields

Some customers have reported that the widths of the Line Item Details fields are too narrow when they have numbers with more than six digits. To make the user interface more user-friendly, we have made these fields wider.


Integration-specific fixes


Integration Module Factset/Dimension Attribute/Measures Comment
Visma Business NXT System This Company Fixed an error where Company Name under This Company gave the wrong value.
Visma Business Finance OSR Budget Foundation Fixed an issue where Currency Budget Amount was not updated when storing to Cur Debit Amount.
XLedger General Ledger General Ledger Fixed an issue where the drilldown in General Ledger would show duplicate transactions.
Visma Business Sales Orders Order Fixed an error where Invoice Customer No (InvoCust) would show up as invalid.
Visma Business Mutiple Multiple Fixed an error where some date fields were missing in MCL.