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  • Get Data Wizard

    Use the Get Data wizard

    The first time you access the OneStop Reporting Portal, you get a Get Data message where you are prompted to import your data.

    1. Click Get Data Now.

    1. In the Get Data dialog, you can click the Read how to do this link to get instructions on your specific integration.
    2. Select the I have read the instructions and I’m ready to continue checkbox and click Next.
    3. In the Connection name field, enter the name of your ERP system.
    4. In the Username field, enter your username for your ERP system.
    5. In the Password field, enter your password for your ERP system.

    1. Under Select companies to import, select the companies you want to include.
    2. Click Start import.


    NOTE: If you want to change the period from which data is imported, use the Click to change link. You can also select which dimensions to import from this dialog box.

    The import will start.

    After import, you can find your data import jobs under Get Data > Data import jobs.

    OSR Portal has automatically set up three import jobs:

    • Since the beginning: Retrieves all data from the ERP system. This is only done once so that you can transfer all data back in time to the OSR Portal.
    • Year to Date: Retrieves all data Year to Date every night. This job is run automatically every night.
    • Nightly Import Last Month: Retrieves data that is frequently updated From yesterday.

    These import jobs should cover most of your reporting needs.

    For more information about data importing, see Get Data.