November 2020

What’s new


We’ve just launched a new look for the OneStop Reporting portal

In November, we are introducing a fresh new look-and-feel of the portal. The redesign brings a clean look that incorporates Visma’s Nordic Cool Design language and icons.

We have kept the same functionality as before, so it should feel very familiar to you.


As part of the new design, we have decluttered the left-hand side menu to match the clean-cut and content-focused new design. But same as before, you find your reports, budgets, and administration tools in the menu to the left. However, you may see that we’ve hidden some of your least used tools under a More menu.

These changes are just the start of many new exciting things in OneStop Reporting.



Reporting – Fixed issue when printing vouchers: Recently, some users have experienced to get a large OneStop Reporting logo on voucher printouts that would cause the printout to span over multiple pages. We have now fixed this issue.

Increased performance for reports containing Named Ranges (OSRRef): We have reduced the number of NameRanges (OSRRef) in run reports. In this way, reports will open faster.


Integration-specific fixes

  • Added extension fields to Companies for Group Reporting (CGR): CGR will now show up as a dimension in Data Manager. Here, users can add information regarding their companies and use it in their reports. For instance, users may set up a group structure.
  • Added a distinct filter to Customer CreditNotes: With this fix, the data import errors related to this endpoint are resolved.
  • Changed datatype of ShipOn in SalesOrderLines to Date and time: Performing a lookup on the ShipOn attribute will now display a calendar, instead of a list of dates.
  • Added Project attributes to the Project dimension.


Visma Business

  • Added period to the Orders factset in Sales Orders.
  • Added Changed Date to OSR Budget Foundation: The Changed Time will allow the users to get information about who and when a transaction is changed. For this change to take effect, the customer must run the Budgeting setup.
  • Changed SalesRt in the Currency dimension to Group type: This change will cause the data in SalesRt fields to no longer be aggregated in reports.
  • Added storage type Key to AcNo in Budget: We have fixed storage in Data Manager with filter on Budget Model.


Visma Global

  • Multi-Company setup: We have fixed an issue where the Multi-Company setup failed to install.
  • Added invoice history information: We have added CustomerOrderCopy and SupplierOrderCopy. In this way, customers have access to see invoice history.



  • Improved performance for General Ledger: To increase performance for reports built on General Ledger transactions, we have added an index to the General Ledger dimension.



  • Added link to Contact and Employee in TimesheetEntry: We have added a link to Contacts and Employees in the Timesheet dimension.