November 2021

What’s New

Reporting: Ability to download drilldown results to Excel

Users can now download drilldown results to Excel.


Download drilldown result

In a run report template in Reporting;

  1. Right-click the cell where you want to drill down.
  2. In the Choose drilldown menu, select the drilldown item.
  3. Click the Export to Excel button. The report along with the drilldown sheet is downloaded and can be opened in Excel.



User menu: New design

We have refined the user menu in this latest release. The changes have been made to make the menu more user-friendly, for example by grouping the Tenants and Customer menus (for users that have more than one tenant/customer) and the My Profile and About options.



Integration-specific fixes


  • Added and linked the Employee Category dimension with the Employee dimension.


Power Office GO

  • Added the period function “This Quarter Last Year”.

  • Added a parameter for Branch in Dashboards for Swedish customers.


Visma Business

  • Added the fields ExtRef1-3 and Txt2 to Group Reporting.
  • Added InvoNo to Group Reporting.