November 2022

What’s new?


New integration for live reporting with Visma Business NXT

We have created a new integration for live reporting with Visma Business NXT. With the new integration, Visma Business NXT Live reports can be run for single companies on live data. Group Reporting and budgeting will still be executed with the integration Visma Business NXT (not live).


How to start using Visma Business NXT Live?

To start using Visma Business NXT Live, the integration must be added to the tenant (The company environment). This can be done by a OneStop Reporting administrator in the following manner:

  1. Open Administration .
  2. Click on the tenant .
  3. Under Integrations, click +Add .
  4. Go to the Data connection module .
  5. Click +New to create a new connection .
  6. Click to authenticate the Visma Business NXT Live integration.
  7. Click Next and select the companies you want for live reporting.


Which reports can be run with Visma Business NXT Live?

All reports that you want to run with the live integration must be built on this specific integration.


How to use group reporting and or budgeting?

To use live reporting with group reporting and/or budgeting, two integrations are needed for the tenant in question (Visma Business NXT and Visma Business NXT Live).

Visma Business NXT should only be used for group reporting and budgeting.



New Administration: New features

Added tenants to the tree structure

You can now select tenants in the tree structure in the New Administration.



Delete multiple companies in bulk

You can now delete multiple companies in one operation.

1. Click Administration.

2. Click Go to the new Administration.

3. Select the level of which you want to delete companies in the tree structure (Top, group og tenant level).

4. (If group or top level is selected) Click Companies.

5. In the Company name list, select the companies you want to delete.

6. Click Actions.

7. Click Delete companies.

8. In the Delete companies dialog, in the text field, enter the name of the first company exactly as it is spelled in the text field box.

9. (If one of the selected companies contains workflow or budget assignments) Click Show companies in the dialog.

10. Go to the company/companies in the list and delete workflow and/or budget assignments to continue with the bulk delete. NOTE: Only the owner of the workflow and/or budget assignments can do this.



List of users

In the New Administration, you can now get a list of users at the customer, tenant, or group level. In the list, you can see a user’s level and you can use the Search field to search for users or use the filter to filter on user levels.



Added CSV-export option

We have added a CSV-export option when a user is trying to delete a company, but is not able to due to existing workflows or budget assignments.



Administration: Added column for “Accounting Office Employee” in User report

We have added a column for Accounting Office Employes in User report. NOTE: The Accounting Office Employee label is only available for Accounting Office customers.See User administration for more information.

To create a user report;

  1. Click Administration.
  2. Click the top/customer level.
  3. Go to the Reports tab.
  4. Next to User list, click Download as CSV.




  • We have fixed an issue where the error message would give the reference number “null”.


Integration-specific fixes and features

  • New Module – Fixed Assets: Users are now able to create reports with Fixed asset transactions. We have added dimensions: Fixed Assets, Asset Class, and Asset Property Tax Group. In order to use the data the endpoint has to be manually added to the data import jobs.


  • Data Manager:  We have fixed an issue where some customers were not able to access Segment 2 from Data Manager due to a translation error.
  • Chart of Accounts: For Danish customers, we have changed the display name of “Finansielle Poster” to “Aktier”.


Visma Business NXT

  • Reporting: We have fixed an issue where not all voucher types would show correctly.


Visma Business NXT/Visma Business

  • Budgeting: Fixed an error where it was not possible to use spreading in Line Item Details if the Department dimension was used with sheet per value and the sheet name was not equal to Department.


Integration Module Factset/Dimension Attribute/Measures Comment
Project Management Project Management Project Management Multiple Increased decimal count of all quantity fields. Accounts Receivables Customer Invoice Lines Multiple Added SalesOrderNo, SalesOrderType, and ShipmentNo to CustomerInvoiceLine with appropriate links.
Visma Business Fixed an inadequate Danish translation of Seller/buyer.
Visma Business NXT Multiple Multiple N/A Fixed an issue where R-Dimensions did not work for Group Reporting.
Visma Business Finance OSR Budget Foundation/Account Multiple Fixed an issue where budget transactions without an Account would not be visible in Data Manager.
Visma Business NXT Live Multiple Multiple N/A Fixed an issue where the drilldown would fail for Historic Customers/ Supplier Transactions. Period Functions N/A N/A Fixed an issue where the Swedish translations for the period functions; Entire Year in 2 Years and Entire Year in 3 Years were swapped Multiple Period Period in Year Fixed an issue where Periods in future financial years would get Period in Year=13. 5 years ahead is the current maximum.
Visma Global Period Functions N/A N/A Fixed a translation issue where the period function Last Period Last Year appeared twice in Norwegian.