October 2020


  • Fixed issue when copying/pasting in Data Manager: We have fixed an issue where users have not been able to copy and paste in Data Manager.
  • Fixed issues with touch screen devices: We have fixed an issue where users have experienced problems when selecting dates using touch screens.
  • Reintroduced icons for report packages: Due to a bug, the icons for the tools for report packages were not visible. The issue is now resolved and all icons are now visible for users.


Integration-specific fixes


Visma Admin

  • Support for deviant fiscal year: We have added support for Fiscal Year that is less than 12 months.
  • Fixed wrong IB for Group Reporting: We have fixed an error where some users would get double values for IB-values when creating and running reports for Group Reporting.



  • New dimension in the Sales module: We have added the Cash Sales dimension under the Sales module so users can build reports based on their Cash Sales.

  • Fixed wrong formula for Account Type: Some users have experienced not getting any values when using the Account Type in reports. This issue is now fixed by correcting the underlying formula.
  • Fixed bug when storing to extension fields for the Account dimension.
  • Budgeting – Possible to store to the Project dimension: We have fixed an error where users were not able to store to the Project dimension in budgets.


Visma Business

  • Budgeting – Changed attribute type of some fields: Customers have experienced that prices are aggregated and are not able to group by certain Price fields, such as, Price, Exchange rate, and Discount rate. These fields are no longer measure fields, and will not be aggregated in reports and budgets.


Visma Global

  • Budgeting data fields: We have fixed certain fields to they will appear correctly in Data Manager. The fields in question are: Created, Created by, Updated, and Updated by. For this change to take effect, the user must rerun the Budgeting setup.
  • Added dimensions for budgeting: We have added these fields to OSR Detailed Budget: Free Date, Tex, and Amount.


Big changes ahead: New user interface

In November, we are introducing a new look and feel of the portal, with new colors and new icons.

The functionality will be the same, so it should feel quite familiar to you.

For more information, please see: Coming: OneStop Reporting new user interface