September 2017

This is our fourth release which brings along multiple bug fixes and improvements in our category structure in the Live Reporting- and Budget module. 

Improvements in Categories

It is now possible to share both category levels with other users in the OSR Portal: parent categories and subcategories.

This change affects categories already shared with other users:

  1. A person who has already been assigned a category will only see subcategories in this category structure, as it was only possible to share subcategories earlier.
  2. If a person who has shared a subcategory now wants to share the parent category, all subcategories will be shared with the user.
  3. Categories that are shared with a user appears below “Shared with me”.

To create a new parent category or a new subcategory, click on the New Category button  .

A user can restructure his own categories by dragging a category to the desired location.

Administrators have no longer access to all reports in the Live Reporting module. To gain access to reports, administrators must share reports via categories.