Release Notes

  • Administration User Guide

    1. Select the Settings module, and click on Administration:

    2. Choose your Main Group to manage. The following tabs appear:

      Access: Shows users that have access to the Main Group. These users will automatically get access to manage other subgroups and tenants within your hierarchy.

      A tenant is a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges in the Portal.

      A subgroup is a group of users who have access to create tenants. Users: Search for users in subgroups and tenants within your hierarchy.

      Licensing: Shows an overview of licenses in the Main Group. Licenses can be allocated between your subgroups and tenants.


    3. Create new tenants for your clients by clicking on the New tenant button.


    4. In the example below we have created a tenant for a client named “Customer AS”.

    5. The following tabs appear for the tenant:

      Administrators: Shows users who can manage permissions and data access in the tenant.

      Roles: Shows an overview of roles in the tenant.
      A role is a group of users who share the same level of data access.
      Create a new role by entering a role name in the Add role field and click on the plus button.

      Add users to the role by entering their e-mail address in the Select a user to add to this role field.

      Manage permissions and data access for the role in the area to the right in the picture below.

      Users: Shows an overview of users in the tenant. Create users by entering their e-mail address in the Add user field.

      Licensing: Overview of licenses in the tenant. Administer licenses by checking the box for each user.

  • January 2018 – Release Notes


    The new notifications function let users know when certain events occur in OSR Portal. For example, when someone shares a report with you a red circle on the Notifications-button indicates a new event.



    By clicking on Notifications a dialog of information occurs as the picture below,



    You can also enable email-notification in Notifications Settings, an email with the report will be sent to the receiver.

    Live Reporting



    You can add comments to your reports in Live Reporting before sharing or archiving your executed report.

    Get Templates

    Get Templates is our online library of report templates that you can download to your library, that are instantly available to use.


    Report Designer

    Search in modules and tables – With the new search box, you can now easily find attributes and measures in the module tree that you want to use in your report.

  • September 21 – Release Notes

    This is our fourth release which brings along multiple bug fixes and improvements in our category structure in the Live Reporting- and Budget module. 

    Improvements in Categories

    It is now possible to share both category levels with other users in the OSR Portal: parent categories and subcategories.

    This change affects categories already shared with other users:

    1. A person who has already been assigned a category will only see subcategories in this category structure, as it was only possible to share subcategories earlier.
    2. If a person who has shared a subcategory now wants to share the parent category, all subcategories will be shared with the user.
    3. Categories that are shared with a user appears below “Shared with me”.

    To create a new parent category or a new subcategory, click on the New Category button  .

    A user can restructure his own categories by dragging a category to the desired location.

    Administrators have no longer access to all reports in the Live Reporting module. To gain access to reports, administrators must share reports via categories.

  • June 16 – Release Notes

    This is our third release which brings along multiple bug fixes and the new feature Budgeting. Our focus with this release is to improve your OSR SKY experience and provide you with new functionality.


    Disabled buttons in the portal are now hidden from the tool bar.

    When a report is shared to Archive, the receiver gets a notification on the screen when the report is stored in their Archive.


    Sometimes report packages would not open correctly. This is now fixed.

    Live Reporting

    Administrators do now show in the Share Category dialogue regardless of access filter in the Administration module.


    We have released our Budgeting module for Tripletex. Budget consists of three parts:

    • Data Manager for editing dimension data directly in the browser.
    • Budgeting for creating budget forms.
    • Assignments for storing and saving budget data.

    See documentation for further use.


    When selecting a role from Roles, the Edit and Delete button was still disabled. This is now fixed.

    Report Designer

    Period functions in Report Designer is now improved. The Drop Down list in the Filter tab makes it easy to administer your functions:

    The new Period Aggregation tab allows you to aggregate periods:


    Drilldown in a reports that are defined with “sheet per value” in Report Designer did not work. This is now fixed.

  • April 1 – Release Notes

    Release date 31.03.2017

    Documentation/Help system

    We have released our new user documentation and help site. You find it in the portal by clicking the Help button.

    You also find it by visiting


    Changes in Visma.Net integration

    • Error in dimension Inventory CrossReferences is now fixed.
    • Error in dimension Sales Orders is now fixed.
    • Error in dimension Supplier Invoice Lines is now fixed.
    • Error in dimension Supplier Invoice Line is now fixed.

    Changes in Tripletex integration

    • Error in voucher adapter is now fixed.


    Get Data

    Delete a job

    You delete a job you have created by clicking the Delete button.

    As a user, you can only delete your own jobs. As an administrator, you can delete every job in the tenant.



    New permissions added: Drill down in a report and open a voucher

    Drill down in reports and open vouchers is now a separate permission that can be assigned per user. The default setting is “not allowed”. To change the setting, go to the Permission tab under Data Access in Administration.


    Live Reporting

    The buttons Edit/New/Duplicate in Live Reporting is no longer visible if the user doesn’t have license for Report Designer.

    New selection feature

    The report card is split in two where the upper half (colored area) is a selection area marking the report (instead of the old checkbox). While clicking on the lower half opens the report.

    Clone is now duplicate

    The button Clone is now renamed to Duplicate. The functionality is identical.

    Show columns in reports

    The default setting for column header is now “visible”. It is still possible to toggle the setting by clicking the Settings button in the toolbar. The setting affects every report in Live Reporting, and is remembered until you change it.

  • March 21 – Release Notes

    Release date 21.03.2017

    This is our second release in march which brings along multiple bug fixes and a couple of new features. The focus with this release is improving your OSR SKY experience. Some of the workflow and behavior in the portal has changed since last release.


    Which tenant a user is logged into is now displayed in the users’ menu in the portal.

    If a user belongs to multiple tenants, it is now possible to see which tenant a user currently logged into and switch to another tenant using the same menu.



    When two reports are open in Archive at once, trying to add/open an additional report makes the two first reports disappear.


    Live Reporting

    Items selection

    New selection rules apply for multiple items. When cloning a report, the new report will stay selected and the base report will be deselected.
    The same apply when creating a new report. The currently selected report will be deselected and the new report will be the selected one.

    Other bug fixes

    In list view in Live Reporting the top checkbox is cut
    Deleting a shared History Item in Live Reporting does not remove the instance in Archive.
    When a Category is shared with other Users, the dialogue for the shared category do not show which Users the category has been shared with
    Report parameters do not show to the left of the report in the Filter Sidebar after running the report in Draft mode.
    An error is given when a User drag-and-drop reports to a category.



    The field Display name is now renamed to “Name”.
    When adding a user to a role, the user list is now sorted by name.


    Report Designer

    Report Designer is Excel add-on and the tool used to design reports. From this release, Report Designer is no longer considered a part of live reporting and thus have its own license assignment. One benefit with this is that users can run reports in Live Reporting without a license for Report Designer.
    To be able to edit reports and launch Report Designer from Live Reporting the user need to have e Report Designer license.


    Tenant Host Administration

    It is possible to add an existing user in the tenant host context to a tenant.
    Upgrading models for tenants now gives to a confirmation on success.
    The list of tenants now show what version of model is installed next to the tenant name.