September 2018


Implemented KPIs and Expressions in Report Designer

We have added the possibility to create, edit and manage KPIs and Expressions in Report Designer.



Expressions can be created and managed through the Designer menu under Expressions.

Using Expressions is a way of referring to dimension values outside single reports and are typically used to refer to a selection that will be used in multiple reports. By using an expression instead of an ordinary selection within the report you can easily update multiple reports by editing the expression instead of having to edit each report individually.

For example, if you add an account to your general ledger and you need to include this new account in your reports, it is very time-consuming having to open multiple reports and make sure the new account is included in the selection. If, however, you use an expression and you need to add an account, you simply edit the expression and all the reports where this expression is used will automatically be updated.

It is possible to create expressions on all dimensions and multiple dimensions can be combined in one expression. Expressions are organized in groups.

For more information, see Expressions.


KPIs can be created and managed through the Designer menu under KPIs.

A KPI is a calculation/key figure that you want to reuse across multiple reports. KPIs are used in the same way as measures (amount, quantity). Instead of dragging an amount or quantity into the report, you drag out the complete KPI.

KPIs can be based on:

  • Expressions (simple or complex selection of dimensions)
  • Measures (amount, quantity)

For more information, see KPIs.


New “Close all” button in Archive

We have implemented a Close all button when users are viewing multiple reports in Archive.


To open multiple reports in Archive;

  1. Click Archive.
  2. Select () the reports.
  3. Click Open.


To close all open reports in Archive;

  • Click  Close all.




View errors for data import jobs

We have made some changes in View log error reporting. Users can now access detailed information about the error by clicking the View error drop-down button.

To access error an error message for a data import job;

  1. Click Get data.
  2. Click Data import jobs.
  3. Click the data import job and click View log.
  4. Click Show details.
  5. Click View errors.



Ability to open reports in run-only mode in Report Designer

We have implemented a new option for opening reports in Live Reporting. Users can now click the drop-down arrow and select Open in Excel. When a user clicks this option, the report opens in Report Designer (Excel) directly in Run mode. No editing is possible in this mode and the Design mode is disabled.


New permission setting: Manage connections

In the past, users who had access to the Get Data module was automatically allowed to create a connection. We have now implemented a Can manage connections setting, so administrators can turn off the possibility to create a connection for regular users, but still allowing the user to import company data (for the companies they have data access to)


Disable permission to manage connections

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click the tenant.
  4. Click the Users
  5. Click the name of the user.
  6. Click Permissions.
  7. Click the Can manage connections switch to turn it off.




Added support for higher resolutions in Report Designer

We have added support for higher resolution for Report Designer. In the past, some users with high-resolution screens experienced some display issues with the Layout Editor in Report Designer. This issue is now resolved.



Integration-specific improvements



    • We have added a new factset that allows you to get data from the 24SO budget endpoints.
    • We have added a non-clustered index on Journal_SubEntry: In this way, users will experience better performance for GL reports.
    • We have added some new fields for the Invoice_Cart factset.


Visma Net

We have created nonclustered index on FactGLTransaction. This will improve the performance when users are running reports.



We have added two new factsets:

  • Trial Balance Report
  • Bank Revaluation to General Ledger