September 2020

What’s new

  • Add multiple users to a tenant
  • Administration: Changes to terms in Licenses and Module access
  • Fixes
  • Integration-specific fixes


Add multiple users

You can now add up to 50 users at the same time. In the new Add users dialog, you can copy a list of email addresses separated by spaces, line breaks, commas, or semicolons.

NOTE: This feature is only available at the tenant level.

To add users;

  1. Click Settings > Administration.
  2. (If applicable) Click tenant.
  3. Click Users tab.
  4. Click + Add users.

5. In the Enter email address field, either type in or paste in the email addresses for the new users.

NOTE: There is a validation process happening when you have added the email addresses. If an email address has the wrong format, it will appear in the Error field to the left. Hover over the Information icon to see the cause of the error. If the error is due to an invalid email address(es), you need to fix the address before you can move to the next step.

6. Select Role, Access Permissions, System Permissions, Data Accesses, and Module Accesses:

    • Roles: If the user(s) you want to add should belong to a role, turn on the switch for the role.

    • Access Permissions: Use the switches to select the access permissions your user(s) should have. For an overview of the various permissions, see User administration.

    • System permissions: Use the switches to select system permissions.

    • Data accesses: Click the + Add button to give access to companies. Click Edit to limit the access permissions.
    • Module access: Use the switches to select module accesses.

Inherited permissions from roles: If you have added the user(s) to a role, you will see the inherited permissions and accesses, and the switches are deactivated.

7. Click Create. NOTE: If you have insufficient licenses, you will get a warning message. The user(s) will be created, but you must manage licenses individually.


Administration: Changes to terms in Licenses and Module access

For users with Norwegian language in the portal, there have been some changes to the terms of the user licenses. The changes are made so they match the license terms when the licenses are bought.


For more information (in Norwegian), see:

For Cloud integrations:

For Cloud Agent integrations:



Fixed date formatting in reports in the portal

Users have reported that even when they change language to a language other than English and refresh the page, the date formatting switches back to English date formatting. We have resolved this issue now.


Live Reporting: Remember category after running report

Users have experienced that after selecting a Category in Live Reporting and running a report, the category is not remembered when returning to the report library. The issue is now fixed and the category is still selected after running a report.


Integration-specific fixes

Visma Business

Added dimensions: We have added the following items so users can create reports that distinguish transactions for products at the order line level:

  • CreDt, CreTm, CreUsr to Actual Transactions.
  • OrdLnNo to Product Transactions.

Fixed drill-down error: We have fixed an error in drill-down involving Stock-Balance, where users would receive error messages when drilling down in reports built using this dimension. The issue is now resolved.

Stock-Balance: Adjustments to some amount fields so users can group the amounts: We have made some changes to some of the fields under Stock-Balance so the amounts can be grouped and not be aggregated in reports as they would in the past. The changes include these Amount fields:

  • Last FIFO-price
  • Max stock in days
  • Min. stock
  • Min. stock in days
  • FIFO price

Price Matrix: Adjustments to some amount fields so users can group the amounts: Similarly to the fix described above, we have also made changes to the Sales Pr 1 – 7 amount fields under PriceMatrix so the amounts can be grouped and not be aggregated in reports.


Visma Administration

We have added support for extended fiscal years.



We have added Purchase Receipt (varemottak) to Purchase.


PowerOffice GO

Fixed error when using the Active attribute for Accounts: Some users would receive error messages when running reports with the Account dimension when the Active attribute was being used. We have fixed the issue.