September 2021


What’s New


In-app learning for Norwegian customers

We are thrilled to announce an enhanced experience in OneStop Reporting to help our Norwegian customers get started faster, discover more value, and find help when needed.

Our in-app learning can walk users through tasks step-by-step or provide instant, contextual help. We will also use the in-app learning guide to let users know when we launch new features and functionality.

When you log in, you will find the in-app guide by clicking the hat icon in the top right corner.


Video in Norwegian only:


Report Designer: New version released

We have released a new version of Report Designer. The new version includes these new features:


Report Designer: Option for replacing INDIRECT formulas

We have added an option to remove INDIRECT formula calculations for specific report templates. By selecting the new Replace indirect references option, indirect references, that is, INDIRECT() are replaced with direct references. This will improve performance in formulas. NOTE: This will not work for complex reference arguments to INDIRECT. Also note that this option will affect budget templates.

To access;

  1. On the OneStop Reporting tab, click Report Properties.
  2. Go to the Reporting tab.
  3. Select the Replace indirect references checkbox to replace the INDIRECT formulas in the report.


Report Designer: Removed possibility to edit Chart of Accounts

After introducing the Chart of Accounts feature, the possibility to edit CoA in Report Designer has become redundant as it introduces a potential risk of creating duplicate versions of the CoA (though only visible and active in Report Designer). We have therefore now removed this option in Report Designer.


Report Designer available in Finish

We have added Finnish translations to the Report Designer user interface.


Report Designer: Improved translations for Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish

We have added missing translations for Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish in the Report Designer user interface.


Chart of Accounts: Expression sorting order

To better get a better overview of all expressions,we have changed the sorting order so it is based on account groups. In this way, all balance expressions are grouped together – and all result expressions are listed together.


Chart of Accounts: Expressions in Norwegian

We have renamed several expressions in Norwegian.


Integration-specific fixes

  • Added the AccountClassNumber attribute.
  • Added the FactCustomerContract factset.
  • Added ExchangeRate in the SalesOrders and SalesOrderLines factsets.
  • Added a new Currency dimension in several factsets.
  • Added a This Quarter Last Year period function.


Visma Business

  • Added SalesOrdersLines factset to Group Reporting.
  • Added the CurrencyName attribute to ThisCompany dimension.
  • Added ValDat attribute to Group Reporting.
  • Added the WorkflowStatus dimension to the Document factset
  • Added several attributes to the CapitalAssetNumber dimension.


Business Central

  • Added the OSRBudgetFoundation factset.



  • Added the FactGetLedgerVoucherNonPosted factset.
  • Fixed issue where access rights limited on the ProjectCategory caused templates to crash if budget lines were part of the template.
  • Fixed issues with wrong data type in the InvoiceDueDate attribute in the Supplier Invoice factset.


Visma Administration

  • AddedOSR Budget.