September 2022

What’s New


Administration – Usage

You now get an overview of the number of Auditors and Accounting Office Employee (available for accounting office customers) users in Administration Usage.



Data Manager

We have replaced the drag-and-drop functionality in Data Manager with a + button next to the field name.



To use the Data Manager;

  1. Click Select company and choose from the list.
  2. Click Factset or Dimension to expand the lists.
  3. Select a factset ( ) or dimension ( ) to view the available fields.
  4. Click Refresh to populate the spreadsheet with data.
  5. In the field list on the left-hand side, you have the following options:
    • Deselect ( ) a field to hide it in the spreadsheet.
    • To change the order of the fields, click next to a field and drag it to another position.
    • Click + next to a field name to add it to the spreadsheet header to filter the spreadsheet. You can add multiple filters.
  6. Edit the spreadsheet.
    • Some columns are linked to lists, where you can select a value.
    • Some database fields (such as “changed date”) cannot be edited.
    • (only for Factset and OSR dimensions) Click Add row and Delete rows to add or remove rows from the spreadsheet.
  7. Use the Pinned value field to pin/freeze one or more columns in the spreadsheet. Pinned columns will always be visible when you scroll horizontally.
  8. Click Save when you are done.

NOTE: Be careful when you edit or delete Factsets data, because the changes cannot be undone.


Reporting – New sorting for invoices

Updated sorting of vouchers so that invoices generated by shows first in the list of vouchers.



Data Manager

  • Fixed an issue where Data Manager would be empty in some instances where a tenant was hosting only one company.



  • Fixed an issue where it was not allowed to store values starting with “0” when cell format was set to “text”.
  • Fixed an issue where the description of budget templates would not show in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue where copying values by dragging cells was not allowed in some instances.
  • Fixed an issue in Line Item Details where historic reference data would show data for the wrong year when using expanding sheets per value.



  • Enhanced performance of reports using INDIRECT formula with a second parameter when “Replace indirect references” was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to run reports with the date range parameter.



  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to scroll in the tenant list of the Confirmation dialog box.


Reporting and Budgeting

  • Fixed an issue where it was allowed to run a report with “*” for all values even though the Allow multiple selections setting was not selected.


Get Data

  • Fixed an issue where Open customer or supplier transactions would not update correctly after nightly import.


Integration-specific fixes


Integration Module Factset/Dimension Attribute/Measures Comment Sales Shipment/Location Fixed an issue where Warehouse location gave the wrong value
Visma Business NXT Finance OSR BudgetFoundation Scenario Added Scenario to OSR BudgetFoundation.
Xledger Multiple Multiple Multiple Fixed an issue where data would not update correctly. Multiple Customer Created date time Changed datatype of Date attribute.
Visma Business NXT System This company Multiple Fixed an issue where Company number and Company name were not displayed in reports.
Visma Business NXT Multiple Company No Nm Fixed an issue where tables for group reporting would be empty in some instances.