September 2023

What’s New


New Graphs in reports

We have released new functionality for graphs in reports published for all our customers October 2nd, 2023.

The functionality includes

  • Interactive graphs
  • Improved text and picture quality
  • Hover functionality like we know from Excel


See the course “Graphs in OneStop Reporting” on Visma Learning Universe for more information:

Course in Norwegian

Course in English


Administration – Moved data access to User level in New Administration

Data access will no longer be available on Role level, but is moved to User in the New Administration. It is the same procedure on Company level as Client.

  1. Select the Company or Client, and then Users.
  2. Select the user(s) an click the Actions button and then Add company access.
  3. Select the company or companies in the list Select companies, and click OK. (Bilde2.png)

NOTE: Limited access to companies must be given on the User level in the Old administration.



Upgraded Date Picker

We have upgraded the Date Picker with a new design.

Select a single date, a period, or a date range. Click on the arrows, the month, or the year to get a wider range.

Places where you can find the Date Picker

  • Reporting
  • Publisher – Scheduling & parameters
  • Workflow – Workflow setup => Default parameters
  • Budgeting – Report Parameters
  • Assignments
  • Import data (datahub) – Job custom date range
  • Old customer administration

Choose a single date, a period or a date range. Click on the arrows, the month, or the year to get a wider range.




Report distribution – Added label for Inspirational templates

We have added a report label for “Inspirational templates” under Report type. Inspirational templates are report templates that are meant to be used as inspiration for report creators when they are creating their own templates. With the added label for such reports, you can decide on who gets to see these report templates.




Data Manager – Save button disabled after clicking Save

We have disabled the Save button in Data Manager after users have clicked Save. In this way, there is no confusion if changes have been saved.


Fixed translation error

Fixed a typo in the Norwegian text for the status of data in reports. Text is now “Data ble oppdatert for X tid siden”.


Budgeting – Fixed storage of budget values if sheet per value name is larger than 50 characters

We have fixed an issue when users are storing budget values if sheet per value name is larger than 50 characters.


Budgeting – Fixed Line Item Details issue

We have fixed an issue where Line Item Details would not always be activated when description/name were used for sheet per value.


Bug fixes and feature requests per integration


Bugs & Feature Req. Integration Module Factset/Dimension Attribute/Measures Comment
Bug Business NXT Multiple General Ledger/ Companies for group Reporting Multiple Enhanced performance of group reporting based on General Ledger Transactions by adding indexes to database.
Bug Business NXT Live General Ledger Budget Lines N/A Fixed an issue where saving budget data would, in some instances, change budget data in other scenarios where transactions had equal line numbers.
Bug Business NXT Budgeting Fixed Line Item Details not always activated when description/name is used for sheet per value
Feature Visma Business

Business NXT

Business NXT Live

Multiple R-dimensions GR X Description Added an attribute for the description of GR (Group) fields.
Feature Sales Sales Order Added “Unit of Measure” in Salesorder