Release notes - What`s new?

January 2021

What’s new


Possibility to mark a user as Auditor


It is now possible to mark a user as an Auditor. The advantage of this is, for example, if users want to add temporary users and be able to easily identify such users.

NOTE: Marking a user as an Auditor does not give the user any permissions or access rights.


Mark user as Auditor

  1. Open Administration.
  2. (If more than one tenant) Click a tenant.
  3. Click the Users tab and click on a user.
  4. Under Other, turn on the Auditor switch.


Search for Auditor

You can easily search for users who are labeled as Auditor:

  • Either at the Customer or Group level, in the Search field on top of the tenant/group tree, enter is:auditor. Users who are labeled as Auditors are marked with A.



Auditors will also appear in the User report under Reports.



Administration: Possibility to add Light tenants

For Visma Business customers, it is now possible to add Light tenants for our OneStop Light version.



OneStop Reporting now available in Dutch

We are pleased to announce that the OneStop Reporting portal is now available in Dutch. We have started the process of translating the user interface of the Report Designer and hope to release in near future.



Budgeting/Reporting: Added search for templates in “Get templates”

It is now possible to search for report- and budget templates in the Get templates marketplace.



Last used tenant is remembered

We have implemented a change so the system remembers which tenant the user was last in the next time the user logs on to the portal.



The Feedback button is reintroduced: For a while, the Feedback button was removed. We have now reintroduced it and really urge users to use it to give us feedback. We read the comments and suggestions you provide as this enables us to improve our products and services.



Fixed issue when selecting values in lookups when there is a horizontal scrollbar: Some users have experienced that they were not able to select the last item in a lookup when there was a horizontal scrollbar in the lookup. We have now fixed this issue.

Fixed issue with list of users when changing ownership of reports/budgets: In the past, some users have experienced that they are not able to see all users in the list when they change ownership of a report or budget. This issue has now been fixed.

Report Designer – Hyperlinks in reports: It is now possible to use hyperlinks in report definitions, both to external pages and to link between Excel sheets.

Fixed issue of incorrect data displayed in Data Manager when filtering on empty period: In the past, when users filtered on empty Period in Budget Transactions in the Data Manager, they would get transactions with periods but the period field would be empty. This issue has now been fixed.

Fixed translation issue with the date range calendar picker: In the past, users have experienced that the date range picker in languages other than English would select incorrect ranges, such as starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday when the users had selected a week. This has now been fixed. In addition, we have also translated the date ranges.


Integration-specific fixes



  • Drilldown setup error for Sales Order Lines: We have fixed an issue where users would get an error message when trying to edit the drilldown setup for Sales Order Lines.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication issue resolved: We now have support for users who have set up MFA in the Visma Net system and have had issues with data import jobs.
  • Added Project and ProjectTask to CustomerInvoice/Lines, CreditNotes/Lines, and DebitNote.
  • Changed the attribute type of Cost in SupplierInvoiceLine to measure. This field will now be aggregated in reports.
  • Added Supplier Payment head and lines
  • Added Customer Payment Lines
  • Added ProjectTask to Budget
  • Added voucher to Customer Document
  • Added AutoConditon to several endpoints


Visma Business

  • Updated a link in Actual transactions (hovedbok) which should result in better performance for drilldown.
  • Changed the default drilldown-order for Open Customer Entries and Open Supplier Entries. More relevant information should now come first in the drilldown.
  • Changed the attribute type of Purchase (Kjøp) in Supplier Transactions to measure. This field will now be aggregated in reports.
  • Added Gr and Inf fields to Global Supplier and Customer. Added VoTp (bilagsart), VoNo (bilagsnummer) and some missing amount fields to Global Supplier Transactions and Global Open Supplier Transactions.
  • Added AcSet



  • Fixed an issue where setting up a gateway connection fails.


MS Dynamics Business Central

  • Expanded the model with new dimensions, links, and terms.
  • Fixed drilldown in General Ledger



  • Fix for error in Hours import



  • Added a fix for Timesheet import