Filters can further be configured by using the dimension lookup function:

  1. Click the Dimension lookup button to display the attributes available to filter for the specific dimension.



2. In the Lookup dialog box, you can specify the dimension to remain static or dynamic depending on the report requirements.

To create a static filter, select the List tab in the Lookup window. Select the desired account, department, entity, etc. and click OK.

Use ranges checkbox: If this checkbox is selected and multiple data items are selected, the selected data are displayed as a range in the text box at the bottom of the window. If this checkbox is not selected, all selected data are displayed individually in the bottom text box.


To manually create a parameter, enter {@Dimension_Name}.

For Period dimensions, you can specify the value current period +/- for single period parameters. This allows Report Designer to select the correct period based on the computer date; therefore, report parameters do not need to be updated manually prior to running a scheduled report.

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